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Singapore Piano Shop is your reliable source for used YAMAHA and KAWAI pianos, which has sold used pianos in Singapore for more than 10 years. Our store has many cheap used YAMAHA, KAWAI pianos, and other European, Korean used pianos in stock. All the pianos are in excellent condition. If you're checking where to buy used pianos in Singapore, you must come to our piano showroom to try pianos.Singapore Piano Shop buy & sell used pianos, secondhand pianos, pre-owned pianos. Singapore Piano Shop dedicate to be the best used piano dealer, used piano reseller, used piano buyer, used piano center, used piano shop, secondhand piano dealer, secondhand piano reseller, secondhand piano buyer, secondhand piano center, secondhand piano shop in Singapore. Customers can buy the cheapest used pianos from us which are still in very good condition.Singapor...

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Singapore Piano Shop sell secondhand upright pianos, and deal in used pianos. Our store has many cheap pre-owned YAMAHA, KAWAI pianos for sale, and some European, Korean secondhand pianos in stock. All the used pianos are in excellent quality. If you're looking for secondhand pianos, don't hesitate to come to our piano showroom to try pianos.

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Singapore Piano Shop sell used grand pianos, buy secondhand grand pianos, and deal in used baby grand pianos, used YAMAHA / KAWAI grand pianos, used European grand pianos, used Korean grand pianos.
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Singapore Piano Shop sell used digital pianos, and the brands are YAMAHA, CASIO etc.

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Singapore Piano Shop can provide brand new Piano Accessories, including: Piano Accessories, Piano Bench, Piano Heater, Piano Cover, Keyboard Cover Protector & Guardian, Piano Foot Pad & Wheel Mat, Piano Polish Oil
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Antique pianos come with rich, expressive sounds, timeless visual beauty, worthless collectible value.

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