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Singapore Piano Shop can provide brand new Piano Accessories, including: Piano Accessories, Piano Bench, Piano Heater, Piano Cover, Keyboard Cover Protector & Guardian, Piano Foot Pad & Wheel Mat, Piano Polish Oil

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Caster Cups for Grand Piano, Wheel Mat for Grand Piano

Model: A502

Introduction: Grand Piano Caster Cups, Foot Pad, Piano Wheel Mat

S$50/set 2-3 days

Caster Cups for Upright Pianos, Wheel Mat for Upright Pianos

Model: A501

Introduction: Upright Piano Caster Cups, Foot Pad, Piano Wheel Mat

S$30/set 2-3 days

Keyboard Cover Protector, Keyboard Cover Guardian, Keyboard Cover Slowly-Fall Device

Model: A401

Introduction: Piano Keyboard Protector and Guardian, Keyboard Slowly-Fall Device

S$120/pc 2-3 days

Piano Heater, Piano Dehumidifier, Piano Anti-Moisture Protector, Furniture Dehumidifier

Model: A301

Introduction: Piano Heater & Dehumidifier, Anti-Moisture Protector, Furniture Dehumidifier

S$80/pc 2-3 days

Piano Cover for Grand Pianos

Model: A206

Introduction: Piano Cover for Grand Pianos, different colors and styles available

S$248/pc 2-3 days

Piano Cover for Upright Piano, Whole Body

Model: A203

Introduction: Piano Cover for Upright Pianos, Whole Body, different colors and styles available

S$168/pc 2-3 days

Piano Cover for Upright Pianos, Half Body

Model: A202

Introduction: Piano Cover for Upright Pianos, Half Body, different colors and styles available

S$148/pc 2-3 days

Piano Cover for Upright Pianos, Top Cover

Model: A201

Introduction: Piano Cover for Upright Pianos, Top Cover, different colors and styles available

S$88/pc 2-3 days

Piano Bench with Storage Box, Secondhand Bench, Black Color

Model: A108

Introduction: Secondhand Piano Bench, with Storage Box, Black Color

S$100/set 2-3 days

Piano Bench Height Adjustable, Secondhand Bench, Black Color

Model: A107

Introduction: Secondhand Piano Bench, Height Adjustable, Black Color

S$100/set 2-3 days

Piano Bench, Secondhand Bench, Black Color

Model: A106

Introduction: Secondhand Piano Bench, Black Color

S$60/set 2-3 days

Piano Bench, Brand New, Stool, Chair (with Storage)

Model: A103

Introduction: New Piano Bench, Stool, Chair (with Storage)

S$150/set 2-3 days

Piano Bench, Brand New, Height Adjustable, with Storage Box, Black Color

Model: A102

Introduction: New Piano Bench, Height Adjustable, with Storage Box, Black Color

S$250/set 2-3 days

Piano Bench, Brand New, Height Adjustable, Black Color

Model: A101

Introduction: New Piano Bench, Height Adjustable, Black Color

S$200/set 2-3 days
Total 14 kinds of products; Contact us to customize if not listed above.
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