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Purchase YAMAHA G1 Grand piano
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I am an intermediate player who is looking for a piano of as small of a footprint as possible (upright impossible). We want a piano that our kids can grow up with. I'm considering purchasing a YAMAHA G1 grand piano?

I have played Yamaha pianos which I really really like. I know it is largely a matter of taste and experience I think but I can never say that I played a Kawai grand that had a bad treble or bass. The grand pianos usually have brilliant sounding treble and a powerful bass.
If Kawai did not make fine pianos it would have been swallowed up by the giant YAMAHA a long time ago.
Both Kawai and YAMAHA make great pianos ! As for a small grands there are challenges in finding one which has a great bass.

I played a brand new Kawai GL-10, and I've also played several Yamaha G1 series (5'3"), 1 new one and 3 old ones. I would pick any of those Yamahas, including the older ones, over the Kawai that I played. Now maybe that's just my preference for Yamaha, but I didn't like the keyboard on the Kawai that I played, and I especially didn't like the plinkiness in the treble. So definitely try and go play these pianos, and don't forget to ask the salesperson to play for you, so you can stand back and listen.

I used a digital for years before I bought an acoustic, so I tried a lot of pianos and settled on Kawai as having the touch I preferred. You're in a good spot because you're experienced, so you can try everything that's on the market and decide what feels best to you. You probably know this, but any piano sounds really different on a large showroom floor with concrete floors and block walls. If you get close to finding something you like, ask them to move it into a practice room so you can get a better idea of what it sounds like.

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