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ABRSM grade vs beginner-advanced
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ABRSM exam grade vs beginner-advanced

Correct me if I'm wrong but, the ABRSM piano grades 1 to 4 could be considered Beginner to Elementary and from 5 to 8 would be Intermediate to Upper Intermediate. This band includes many authentic works for piano. But those pieces are usually single movement works. To cross the threshold I think the Advanced pianist would have all technical skills to be able to play full sonatas. Professional means that you can perform works independently. But I'll check this out with my teacher as it is interesting.

I think I crossed the threshold into advanced when I eschewed all simplified versions of scores that I sought to play, and was not intimidated at trying anything I fancied. I did all of the ABRSM piano grades many years ago and I thought I was an "advanced player" then. Now I know that I wasn't. :-) Also I think that there is usually a big gap between advanced as an amateur and being a professional musician in whatever genre (classical, jazz or whatever).

However, the classifications don't really mean a lot. Simple pieces played well, with accuracy and expression, trump "advanced" pieces played badly. And the main point for most of us is to enjoy what we play.

One simple and not too reliable way is to look at the sheet music you play. Some will be identified as "Advanced."

I believe you cannot be Advanced if you just go to your lesson and have all your pieces assigned by your teacher, or just go on to the next page in a "series" book. You need some independence to find and play material. In other words, musicianship rather than just hitting keys.

I disagree with some that if you play classical scores, rather than arranged, you are Advanced. Many classical scores are rather easy.

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