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Feelings on some upright pianos
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Feelings on some upright pianos

Yamaha YUS5, Kawai K8, Steinway Traditional K-52, C. Bechstein Concert 8, Petrof P 135 K1, Sauter Master Class 130, Schimmel K 132, Seiler 132 Konzert, Hailun HU 7P, Grotrian Concertino, Mason & Hamilin Model 50, Steingraeber & Sohne 138, Bosendorfer 130 CL, Fandrich & Sons 130V, August Forster 134K, Kayserburg KA132, Bluthner Model S

It can be surprising but I have a Yamaha U3, made in 2004. The first experience was the cabinet ( in this case in walnut satine finishing ): a respectable piece of furniture with a music-desc separate from the lid. The touch is very grand-piano-like in a way, you can hardly feel the vertical system, ie a feel of springs instead of the feel of weight. However, when you play very fast passages, you can feel that the repetition is not the same as in grand pianos or even in the best uprights. The sound is surprising again, it is very clear, powerful, with exraordinarily freely vibrating and clear bases. It is a Yamaha-sound in its best shape, you can like it or not, but you must admit that it is a well realized concept.

K8: I’ve owned it for little over a year now and love this piano. I like the large music rack/cabinet design and features (sostenuo pedal, silent feature, agraffes, etc.). Most of all I love the sound. The action is nice, however not as fast enough when compared to a Grand. Some may say this is just a design issue with verticals, but I wonder if there’s a vertical out there that rivals a Grand in terms of the action/repetition (i.e. Seiler 132 with SMR?)
In all, I would not hesitate to recommend the K8 to any player in the hunt for one of the best verticals. The features-to-price point is fair and Kawai is a great company that stands behind their products.

Schimmel K 132s, Nice clear well balanced and they tune and voice nicely. But I might be overly impressed with Schimmel's K series.

C. Bechstein 8 - most wide range of colors from bass to treble, very strong bass sound, was a lot of fun to play and felt like you could really work on musicianship with this piano (not just technique)

Sauter 130 - very "clean" sound and great action (good technique piano)

Grotrian Concertino - one of my favorites until I played the C. Bechstein. Very, very nice. Sound is lovely/unique and consistent across octaves.

Steingraeber 138 - Love their grands. Upright is a bit muddy in sound and not as polished in the action compared with others.

Kayserburg Artist - The action is very good and sound has some personality. I think that these pianos should definitely be on the list. When I tested it alongside some of the above, it was very difficult to differentiate. 52" has incredible bass.

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