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Buying the floor piano model
Publish: 2019.06.09 Source: Singapore Used Pianos-https://www.usedpiano.sg Click:

After purchase of a brand new Kawai K3 (made in Japan, not Indonesia) from a very reputable music company, the customer played piano 2-3 hours/day, it was clearly in need of a tuning, but what concerned was the unevenness in tone and volume up and down the keyboard. Some keys are noticeably louder than others with same touch. Some keys buzz when played. Tuner recommended and paid for (first tuning only) by store came this week. Pitch is much better but issues with consistent sound are actually worse, across the board. New buzzes, old ones still there, etc.

Sounds like customer got a piano that had not been prepped prior to delivery, which will make a huge difference in tone refinement. Check regulation, hammer to string mating, string leveling, and voicing. This is one of the reasons why we always recommend buying the floor model instead of getting a piano delivered straight from the crate.

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