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Interest on a big used piano
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Why it picked my interest: it’s big. My simple assumption is that larger uprights hold more promise, even though lots of qualifications apply to that blanket statement. I have no space for a grand, but a very tall upright works fine for me. Given that it has been standing in the same house for so long it is possible that it's fundamentally in decent shape. I might go inspect it tomorrow.

It’s intriguing that the casing seems to be thinner in the middle, with what seems to be some open space at the top as well. This can indicate attention to detail in the construction of the used piano, as the mid octave sometimes suffers on uprights, and this would allow the mids to get through even more.

The finish is still nice, so no need for a new finish. Keeps cost down. The ivory key tops are gone and need to be replaced by new key tops though. Hasn’t been used for 10 years probably.

Yes, it’s probably a risky thing to carry with me... I don’t know if I will be able to get it inspected by a technician before Friday. It would in any case require substantial restoration. I’m just dreaming about a large upright I guess, at a price I can afford. And I'm a sucker for that large old romantic tone.

But: does anybody recognize it? Who is the manufacturer? The strange thing is that there was nothing written on the front, only this mark here on the inside...

Quite frankly, without a thorough examination by a professional technician. A piano that old, unless it has been rigidly and lovingly maintained is, in my non-professional opinion better off going to the dump than draining someone's bank account to restore it. There is no indication in your post that it is in good condition and sitting in the same house for 50 to 60 years is no proof that it has been cared for.

The fact that, as you say, it has been in the same house for decades, makes me cringe if that means that it has been sitting in that window for that length of time. Even if it hasn't been in that window for 60 years, the damage that sunlight and the changes in heat from direct sunlight will have done to that piano could be significant even over a shorter period of time.

Yes, it's true, that all other things being equal, a taller upright is a more responsive and more satisfying instrument to play than a shorter one, but knowing nothing of the history of this piano and its maintenance - if any - I wouldn't consider it without a full evaluation of its condition and potential.

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